Paw HTTP Client

Posted on Thu, 27 Feb 2014 in Apps • Tagged with HTTP, Testing


When developing Web apps you spend a lot of time in the browser, and before long you have a crap-ton of open tabs which slows the system down and is a total pain to navigate around in.

I have previously used HTTP Client when testing JSON APIs, it did the …

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Testing with "latest"

Posted on Tue, 25 Feb 2014 in Development • Tagged with DevOps, Testing, Perl, Continuous Integration


A few months ago I gave a small talk at the Nordic Perl Workshop 2013, about a clever way of combining cpanm and local::lib to test your CPAN modules with the latest version of its dependencies.

I have a few perl modules on CPAN, which is mostly feature complete …

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Amateurs vs. Experts

Posted on Wed, 22 Aug 2012 in Technology • Tagged with quote

If you think experts are expensive,
you should see how much amateurs cost.

Don't be too clever...

Posted on Mon, 30 Jan 2012 in Technology • Tagged with quote

Debugging is twice as hard as writing code.
Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are not smart enough to debug it.

Wildcard repositories with Gitolite

Posted on Sun, 15 Jan 2012 in Technology • Tagged with git, gitolite, scm

A while ago I upgraded from Gitosis to Gitolite. I've been using Gitosis for a long time and while there is nothing wrong with Gitosis, Gitolite just does so much more.

One of my favorite features is wildcard repositories which makes it super easy to have normal users create as …

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Man I love ePub

Posted on Sun, 14 Nov 2010 in Books • Tagged with ePub, iPhone, Lisp, MIT, PragProg, Programming, Smalltalk, Stanza

sicp-coverI recently listened to a very interesting podcast from the Pragmatic Programmers featuring an interview with Uncle Bob. At the end they talked about a book Robert had recommended at the most recent RailsConf called Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

It's an older book but it sounded like a …

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Pick of the week: xScope

Posted on Sun, 19 Jul 2009 in Pick of the week • Tagged with Apps, MacOSX, Tools

xScopeThis weeks pick is cute little utillity app from the Iconfactory ((You know, the ones with the Twitter bird icon that everybody copies)) called xScope. If you do any kind of design work xScope will most certainly help you in your day to day work. xScope is really a compilation …

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Intelligent life...

Posted on Wed, 16 Aug 2006 in Development • Tagged with Firefox

It would seem that there really is some intelligent life somewhere... If you are serious about web development, you too would use this browser. The reason? - Firefox has a super cool extention system for which some must have/can't live without extentions exist. The most notable being these two: 1 …

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Ant sucks, and doesn't respect symlinks...

Posted on Wed, 01 Feb 2006 in Development • Tagged with Ant, Java Windows, WTF

Man I hate Ant! So I was working on this project, in which Ant generates a build directory. - I created a symlink inside the build dir for something that was not quite ready to be build for real just yet. That way ant could do what ever it wanted to …

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