About me

David Jack Wange Olrik

Greetings and welcome to my humble abode here in the realm of bits and electrons! Thank you for taking an interest in me and for reading this page.

I hope you'll enjoy browsing this site as much as I did creating it!

Best Regards,
David Jack Wange Olrik <david@olrik.dk>

Work Experience & Projects

Linked InFor the past 15+ years I have primarily worked in the Internet, Mobile and Telecommunication industry, developing stuff. For a more complete overview of my work experience please visit my LinkedIn profile.

I love gadgets and generally stuff that glows in the dark. In 2008 I started a small indie software company called Grepmasters where I develop apps for the Web, the Mac and for my favorite kind of gadget: The Personal Digital Assistant1.

I have used PDAs for more than 10 years, starting with an Olivetti, then moving on to the Newton Message Pad 120, then through various U.S. Robotics/Palms, a couple of Sony Ericsson Smartphones and then finally ending up with the iPhone.


Cocoaheads BSD-DK Copenhagen Perl Mongers


Here you can see the part of the world I call home. A small kingdom called Denmark in the northern part of Europe.

More information

  1. And by that I of course mean the iPhone