Contact Information

David Jack Wange Olrik

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can reach me at

If you wish to send signed and/or encrypted email to me, you can download my public key1 from, or directly from this site.

Key fingerprint: ECC3 95B7 9872 5570 D869 9DCB 5B3B AADE DDEE 156E

Personal data

Twitter: davidolrik3
Skype: davidolrik
AIM: davidolrik
ICQ: 74666712
PGP Key: djo.asc

Online presence

  1. On 2017-04-20 I generated a new key pair. OpenPGP Key Transition Statement 

  2. This is mainly listed for historic reasons, nobody really uses ICQ anymore... 

  3. Twitter is probably the best way to get hold of me these days...