Man I love ePub

Posted on Sun, 14 Nov 2010 in Books • Tagged with ePub, iPhone, Lisp, MIT, PragProg, Programming, Smalltalk, Stanza

sicp-coverI recently listened to a very interesting podcast from the Pragmatic Programmers featuring an interview with Uncle Bob. At the end they talked about a book Robert had recommended at the most recent RailsConf called Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

It's an older book but it sounded like a …

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Pragmatic Books now in ePub!

Posted on Thu, 26 Mar 2009 in Books • Tagged with iPhone, PragProg

Pragmatic book pileA few days ago I tweeted about the latest news from the Pragmatic Programmers. This morning I received the official newsletter in my inbox with all the details. All of the Pragmatic Programmers eBooks are now available in the ePub and mobi formats as well as PDF. And whats even …

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