Paw HTTP Client

Posted on Thu, 27 Feb 2014 in Apps


When developing Web apps you spend a lot of time in the browser, and before long you have a crap-ton of open tabs which slows the system down and is a total pain to navigate around in.

I have previously used HTTP Client when testing JSON APIs, it did the job, but to me it always felt a bit too simple1.

Someone on Twitter mentioned Paw being awesome - and boy were they right!

Paw is packed full of useful features like HTTP header auto completion, response formatting with syntax highlighting and the most useful of them all: Request grouping. Paw will sort your requests by host and HTTP method2 making it really easy to find the request you looking for in a snap.

Having an easy way to edit and execute complex HTTP requests is super awesome and saves me a lot of time. Paw can also generate code for your request, but alas no perl.

Paw comes with a selection of HTTP libraries, each of which as some shortcomings3 - the default is called "GCD AsyncSocket" provides more debugging options but is less battle-tested than the other options provided4.

Judging by the changelog on the iTunes store, the app is being improved continuously and the developer is really responsive to feature requests5.

I highly recommend Paw.

  1. …and a bit buggy. 

  2. You can also sort by response code, name, URL, etc. 

  3. Especially Apples own NSURLConnection. 

  4. I use ASIHTTPRequest because I need it to work behind a proxy. 

  5. I asked for proxy support in the "GCD AsyncSocket" library, and it should be coming in version 2.0.6