Week one without a car

Posted on Sat, 07 Nov 2009 in Eco-friendly

Our car Today marks the day where we have officially been without a car for a full week! While there are many who have survived without a car their whole life, and don't see this as something special - it is a a big deal to us because we have grown used to the comfort and ease that a car brings you.

We decided to go green a few months ago1, so we bought a trioBike with two bikes and a carrier, and have been using that and public transportation2 as our sole means of transportation3 since.

So how did the first week go? - I think it went OK, apart from a few minor snags like loosing the bracket that fastens the carrier to the bike, a flat tire and being stuck at Copenhagen Central Station because some guy got hit by a train4.

I would lie if I said I didn't miss our car5, but when I see people looking for places to park, and when I drive past gas stations and see the gas prices - I miss the car less and less.

Using the bike for all of our transportation needs forces us to take it down a notch, relax a little and plan our activities a little more which in turn helps us keep the stress level down - so it's all good :-D

  1. Mostly because my wife wanted to go back to school so she could learn to design beautiful things - and that school is crazy expensive. 

  2. Which is actually quite good in Denmark, when you compare it with the rest of the world. 

  3. Except for the one or two times we borrowed a car for transporting stuff too big to fit in the trioBike. 

  4. He god messed up pretty badly, but I think he survived it. 

  5. This October has been the coldest in years, and our car had climate control and seat heaters.