Pick of the week: trioBike

Posted on Wed, 01 Jul 2009 in Pick of the week

Triobike all three configurationsThis weeks pick comes a bit later ((And it should have been a Mac app I use every day, but you'll have to wait until next week for that one.)) than usual. This is because we have been out using it ever since we got it on Thursday evening. As you might have guessed ((If you follow me on Twitter)) this weeks pick is a trioBike. The trioBike is an amazing construction - it's a bike, a carrierbike and a pushchair all in one! And It takes less than 2 minutes to convert it from one configuration to another! We ordered 2 trioBikes and a pushchair some 30 days ago and went to pick it up last Thursday. The service was excellent, Sammy ((The inventor of the trioBike)) gave us a complete walk through of every little feature on the bike. We then installed the kids in the carrier and rode the bikes home. On the way home we swung by the local McDrive, alas they won't serve carrierbikes due to some silly insurance related hubbub. We ate, and then went biking some more 8-) Friday was our first real day as trioBike owners. I dropped Sebastian off at his kindergarten with the carrier and rode to work on the bike alone. At the end of the day I had totaled more than 22 kilometers - not bad for the first day. The build quality of the trioBike is most excellent and every thing on the bike and the carrier feels very solid and well build. I have tried other carrierbikes ((A big thank you to Louise and William for lending us their Kangaroo for a week.)) and this one is definitely the easiest to steer although it's a bit heavier ((This is the trade of you pay for having a real handlebar that is detached from the carrier it self.)) on the turns. My only gripe is the soft top, it is either on or off . I miss a middle setting ((My wife and I are already contemplating how we can create a new soft top that will fulfill this need.)) that will provide shade from the sun and still let lots of air into the carrier. As you can probably tell I really like this bike and the possibilities it gives us as a family.