Going green!

Posted on Sun, 10 May 2009 in Personal

TriobikeAfter much debate and careful consideration we, The Olrik Family, have decided to go green! We will try to minimize our CO~2~ footprint on the world in everything we do through the clever use of technology. This doesn't mean we will go the Amish ((Also the Amish is a Christian cult, an we won't be going down that route either)) route and denounce all things modern. Instead we will embrace science and technology, like we have done in the past, but with the new perspective of environmental friendliness. The thing that prompted the whole "lets go green" train of thought was our car and the amount of money we spend on it. We did a simple TCO calculation on our car and our car usage. Guess what - We could almost ride exclusively in Taxicabs ((With 3 children of which one is a toddler, this wouldn't be practical)) given our current usage pattern. A friend of ours just bought a Kangaroo, and that seemed like suitable alternative given our new found greenness. But the Kangaroo is not flexible ((One parent should be able to bring the kids to their kindergarten, and the other should be able to pick them up)) enough for our taste. We scoured the Interwebs and found trioBike that seemed to fit our needs. Some further googleing turned up both glowing reviews and very poor reviews. So yesterday we went to trioBike to see what all the fuss was about. Let me just say that I wasn't disappointed. Not only does the trioBike look cool, it rides like a dream. The bike can easily carry 2 children and what ever else you want to bring to school, to kindergarten, to a picnic  and everywhere else you want to go. We are definitely going to get one for our family!