Open as in OpenSSL?

Posted on Thu, 10 Apr 2014 in Security • Tagged with SSL, TLS, Heartbleed, Cryptography, NSA, 1Password


As the dust settles around the Internet1, and all the sysadmins around the world is finishing the huge amount of work involved in cleaning up after the Heardbleed bug, we as users of the Internet now have an equally large work load2 ahead of us.

I'm not going …

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Pick of the week: 1Password

Posted on Sat, 13 Jun 2009 in Pick of the week • Tagged with 1Password, Apps, iPhone, MacOSX

1PasswordThis weeks pick is an tool that is usualy the first thing I install on a new computer ((And by computer I mean Mac)). It's an app that keeps my personal information safe. It's an app called 1Password that totally replaces MacOSX' build in Keychain. So why would I want …

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1Password touch 2.0 and 1Password 3.0

Posted on Mon, 01 Jun 2009 in Productivity • Tagged with 1Password, Apps, iPhone, MacOSX, Tools

1Password 3.0 - LockedEveryone's favorite credential manager will be out in version 3.0 later this year with a completely redesigned UI. Agile offered us a sneak-peak of the new Locked Screen, and I must say it looks spiffy. While we wait for 3.0 I suggest you upgrade your keychain to the …

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My top 8 favourite iPhone apps

Posted on Fri, 17 Apr 2009 in Technology • Tagged with 1Password, Apps, Files, iPhone, OmniFocus, Stanza, Tweetie, WifiTrak, Wordpress

My favorite iPhone apps When I started writing this blog post, it was called My top 5 favorite iPhone apps. But as I sorted through my installed ((I have 107 apps on my iPhone and a total of 144 apps in my iTunes library.)) apps, I had a really hard time limiting my self …

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1Password on the iPhone

Posted on Wed, 30 Jul 2008 in Technology • Tagged with 1Password, Apps, iPhone

1Password.pngYesterday Agile Web Solutions released version 1.0 of 1Password for the iPhone. This is truly a must have for both the Mac and the iPhone and best of all the iPhone version is free! I have played around with it and so far I really like what I see …

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