Pick of the week: 1Password

Posted on Sat, 13 Jun 2009 in Pick of the week

1PasswordThis weeks pick is an tool that is usualy the first thing I install on a new computer ((And by computer I mean Mac)). It's an app that keeps my personal information safe. It's an app called 1Password that totally replaces MacOSX' build in Keychain. So why would I want to replace the build in Keychain? While the build in Keychain is pretty sweet, 1Password just that much sweeter! You only need to remember one password, and this one password will let you access all your stored passwords. You can choose to use the build in Keychain as storage backend, but I recommend that you use 1Passwords own Agile Keychain format. These are the features ((I totally ripped the feature list from this page in the 1Password online documentation)) you'll gain when using 1Password instead of the build in Keychain: - Store and provide easy access to more than one account for any website. - Correctly handle financial websites which often disable storing passwords in Safari’s AutoFill. - Integrate with multiple browsers, including Safari, Fluid, Firefox, DEVONagent, OmniWeb, NetNewsWire, Flock, Netscape Navigator, and Camino. - Eliminate the need to synchronize your data between browsers. - Support multiple identities, such as personal and business identities. You can even create fake identities for websites you do not trust. - Fill credit card information with one click. - Import information from a multitude of sources. - Integrate a strong password generator directly into the browser for quick and painless generation of super strong passwords. - Sync your information to the iPhone/iPod touch, as well as Palm ((But why would you want to do that?)) devices.

The killer feature of 1Password is the ability to bring all of your passwords and credentials with you in a safe and secure way on your iPhone ((or other mobile device, but why would you want a mobile device that is not an iPhone?)). And with the recent 2.0 upgrade of 1Password touch the syncing part just got a major overhaul, and it is now incredibly easy and hassel free that you'll want to sync it all the time. Later this year Agile will release 1Password 3.0, which is a completely rewritten version of 1Password based on the new Agile Keychain - I can't wait for it to be released!