iCloud Documents & Data sync - Part II

Posted on Fri, 04 Nov 2011 in Apple


Yesterday I updated my iPhone 4S to the new iOS 5.0.1 pre-release version which is supposed to fix the horribly battery life1 everybody have been complaining2 about since the release of iOS 5.

Unfortunately it also broke my secret iCloud dance and no matter of fiddling with the options would make my Documents & Data sync work again.

After some browsing through device logs I found this error:

com.apple.Dataclass.KeyValue is enabled for more than one account

I have been a long time subscriber of Apples MobileMe service. The migration process from MobileMe to iCloud, promoted my MobileMe email address to a full Apple ID. This really sucks as I already have an Apple ID that I have used to buy Music and Apps with since the dawn of time.3

On my iPhone I had added both iCloud accounts and just turned on the services I needed from each.4 Apparently this is a bad idea, and deleting the old MobileMe account made above error disappear and iCloud have been syncing my Documents & Data happily ever since.

  1. I can happily report that the battery is now back to normal again. 

  2. Now I know what is like to have an Android phone ;-) 

  3. At least since way before I created my MobileMe account. 

  4. Which means only Mail & Notes on the old MobileMe, and everything else on my real Apple ID.