Unable to turn on Documents & Data sync in iCloud?

Posted on Wed, 19 Oct 2011 in Apple


I have finally gotten all of iCloud to work! I've been using iCloud since the launch but I haven't been able to get "Documents & Data" to work before now.

I had checked and double checked every setting I could imagine and it still would not work.

Every device had Settings -> iCloud -> Documents & Data set to On, and every App1 has use iCloud set to On.

To get it to work I did the following:

  • Turn off "Documents & Data" in iCloud settings
  • Turn off "Use iCloud" for each iWork app
  • Launch Pages, Numbers or Keynote. Each App will now ask you if you want to use iCloud, you'll want to say yes to this.

After this little dance iCloud began syncing2 my data. One weird thing though, if I go into Settings -> iCloud "Documents & Data" is turned off!
Still it syncs just fine.

You might be able to get iCloud to sync by just turning "Documents & Data" off in settings. I haven't tried that, as it works for me now and I really don't want to break it again.

I have filed a bug report3 for this issue with Apple.

  1. I even filed a bug report against Instacast because iCloud syncing wouldn't work. 

  2. It even started working for non Apple apps like Instacast

  3. rdar://10313253