Pick of the week: Autodesk SketchBook Mobile

Posted on Sun, 20 Sep 2009 in Pick of the week

Autodesk Sketchbook MobileA recent tweet by @drwave from Pixar prompted me to check out SketchBook Mobile from Autodesk, and boy am I glad I did! I have always wanted to get better at drawing, but I have never set aside the time it takes to master this creative skill. As with all creative disciplines the winning formula for getting better is 10% talent and 90% effort ((Anyone who tells you different should go listen to a couple of talks from Merlin Mann: Toward Patterns for Creativity and Doing Creative Work - Seriously, go! now! - And then go make stuff!)) and with this little app I always have my drawing tools with me, so I can doodle away anytime ((This is the effort part, the more you do it the better you get.)) I'm in the mood for it. SketchBook Mobile is loaded with features, and still manages to have a very non intrusive user interface, it just stays out of your way so you can concentrate on sketching. SketchBook Mobile makes really good use of Apples Multi-touch technology both for drawing and for zooming and panning around your sketch - Oh, and it has undo too! ((A much needed feature that my analog drawing tools is sadly missing.)) SketchBook Mobile is available in the App Store for just $2.99