Pick of the week: Tweetie 2

Posted on Sun, 11 Oct 2009 in Pick of the week

Tweetie 2 icon I have blogged about this weeks pick before but I never made it a pick of the week before. The recent update to Tweetie rocks, so if you are into Twitter1 I suggest you head over to the App Store and pick up a copy.

The first version of Tweetie for the iPhone was cool, and even won an Apple design award. It was easy to use, looked nice and was very polished.2 Tweetie 2 raises the bar for all iPhone applications, not just Twitter clients. It has been stuffed with all kinds of new and useful features - but in a way that doesn't make it feel cramped at all! The user interface is very polished3 and it quickly grows on you.

The feature list is too long to repeat here, so I'll just mention a couple of my favorites: Nearby tweets superimposed on a Google map, Pull to refresh4, Multiple drafts, offline mode and full persistence i.e the user interface is restored to the same state after a relaunch or a phone call.

Tweetie 2 also takes advantage of some of Twitters new features that haven't been launched yet - I'm so looking forward to the new Geolocation stuff. @Twitter: You may release now!5

Oh... and Tweetie 2.0 for Mac will soon be released, and will feature sync with the iPhone version and other goodies!

  1. And who isn't these days? 

  2. Except for the refresh button that looked like it had been placed with a shovel. It had to be there and this was the only place it would fit, well kinda... 

  3. Some might say too polished, as in eye candy for the sake of eye candy. 

  4. The ugly button has been hidden, and only comes into view when you need it - nice! 

  5. Pretty please!