Pick of the week: Flight Control

Posted on Thu, 04 Jun 2009 in Pick of the week

Flight ControlInspired by Leo and his gang on TWiT, I am starting a weekly post series about apps and technology I find particular cool. This weeks pick is a small game called Flight Control from Firemint. Flight Control is a very simple game with exceptionally beautiful graphics and it's very addicting ((Don't say I didn't warn you)). The aim of the game is to land airplanes on an airstrip. You act as a flight controller and simply trace the path you wish the plane to follow - very simple, at least at first. As the game progresses you will have to keep more and more planes and helicopters in the air - at the same time - and keep them from crashing into each other. The graphics and sound set moves you back in time, back to the childhood of air travel and gives the game a really nice look and feel. Highly recommended! ((But then again it wouldn't be a pick of the week if it wasn't)) Download it on the iTunes App Store!