Pick of the week: DocScanner™

Posted on Tue, 29 Dec 2009 in Pick of the week

I seem to have fallen behind on my weekly picks, Christmas, $work and life in general have kept me very busy lately, but I'll try to get back to my weekly1 schedule again.

This weeks pick is DocScanner, an iPhone app that allows you to have a flatbed scanner5 in your pocket. While DocScanner isn't the most pretty or well designed iPhone app, it certainly doesn't lack in the feature department.

Notable features include both really good edge detection, OCR and WiFi sharing. There exists quite a few scanner apps on the App Store but this one is definitely the one to get.

On a recent business trip I used DocScanner to keep track of all the receipts I accumulated during the trip. Back home I exported them all to one huge PDF file and emailed it to our accounting department. No need to fiddle with those old school analogue receipts anymore.

My wish list for future versions2 of DocScanner are: A cleaner3 user interface, PDF files with the OCR'ed text included and direct upload to Dropbox.

Update: As of version 3.0.34 DocScanner will embed the ORC'ed text into the pdf files!

  1. Please don't kill me if it isn't precisely weekly. 

  2. and they release new versions quite frequently - About once a month. 

  3. and by cleaner, I mean more iPhone-ish 

  4. Released on January 30th 2010 

  5. and a whiteboard scanner and just about any other kind of scanner you can think of.