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Pick of the Week: My iPhone

iPhone 3GSThis weeks pick is late, so late that it is actually a pick for both this week and last week. As you might have guessed from the picture it’s my iPhone. While on vacation in northern Jylland myMacBook Pro died :-(. So for the past 2 weeks my iPhone has been my primary “computer” for Instant Messaging, Twitter, Email, Web browsing and all that stuff that I usually do when I am online. I have previously [intlink id=”271” type=”post”]written[/intlink] about using the iPhone as a laptop replacement when going to conferences, but this is different - this is everyday and for everything. The iPhone actually did quite well when you think of its relative small size and small keyboard ((I find that the keyboard on the iPhone is no better or worse than any physical keyboard of the same size. You just need to get used to it. - Actually I find it a little better ;-) )). For most tasks I can say “There is an app for that”, I even upgraded this website using nothing but my iPhone. The only task I really missed my MacBook Pro was for programming, so my secret project is a bit behind schedule. Oh, and I did miss out ((I have ordered a 32 GiB iPhone 3GS - Now I’m just waiting…)) on the online launch sale for the iPhone 3GS, but I think this was mostly due to the fact that 3.dk didn’t scale under the pressure of the danish iPhone fans desperate to get a proper carrier with a 3G network that actually works. One thing you have to remember though, is to always bring your charger and your USB cable as there will be some days where you’ll drain the battery and that little extra juice ((A couple of months ago I ordered a Juice Pack Air from juicepack.co.uk but I have still haven’t received anything from them - quite frustrating…)) you can get from a quick charge here and there is a lifesaver. iphone\_my\_preciousIf you thought that I was attached to my iPhone before the “Jylland incident”, think again - that attachment has been taken to a whole new level… My precious…