Pick of the week: PTHPasteboard

Posted on Thu, 09 Jul 2009 in Pick of the week

PTHPasteboardThis weeks pick is an oldie, but a goodie. It is a Mac app that I can't live without. I work with computers all day long developing software for various $clients. When developing software I spend a great deal of time in a text editor ((Preferably Emacs, TextMate or Xcode)), mocking around with code i.e. moving text from one file to another. PTHPasteboard gives me a pasteboard with a configurable number of slots ((I currently have 100 slots in my main pasteboard.)) for storing clippings ((This can be both text and images with and without formatting)). So instead of jumping back and forth between windows and applications copying and pasting, I can copy every block I need from one file, switch window and then paste each block where it needs to be. PTHPasteboard is also useful for people writing lots of email as you can define any number of pasteboards with commonly used phrases and sentences. I even have a pasteboard with ssh-keys, that I use when ever I login to a new Unix server. It lets me add my ssh-key to the authorized_keys file quickly and easily simply by hitting a customized hotkey and selecting the proper entry from the pasteboard ((And best of all It can be done without ever touching the mouse)). PTHPasteboard also exists in a Pro version that'll let you sync pasteboards across computers or even share pasteboards between users on different machines. The Pro version will also let you paste through filters, and comes with a whole slew of predefined filters that will you remove formatting, convert line endings, encode as hex, convert camel case to underscores and much more. I use 1Password for all of my passwords and PTHPasteboard has the ability to ignore specific applications. That means that my top secret passwords will never end up in plaintext on one of the pasteboards - clever eh?! 8-) Best of all the basic version of PTHPasteboard is free! - But I suggest you buy the Pro version and support the developer ((The Pro version only costs $24.95, which is quite cheap considering the usefulness of this app.)), even if you'll never ((Most of the time I only use the basic features of PTHPasteboard)) use the advanced features of the Pro version. In writing this blog post I used PTHPasteboard extensively, moving text around and finding and inserting links through the entire post. Update 2009-08-30: Please note that PTHPasteboard is not compatible with Snow Leopard :-( Update 2009-09-04: PTHPasteboard is back and compatible with Snow Leopard! Unfortunately for those using the free version, only the Pro version will be supported under Snow Leopard.