Creative use of Apples Time Machine

Posted on Thu, 16 Apr 2009 in Productivity

Time MachineI Just had an Apple moment! A moment where you truly feel the amount of thought that goes into creating all the cool stuff ((Yes, I know I sound like an Apple [intlink id="238" type="post"]fan boy[/intlink], so deduct 10% of my enthusiasm for everything I say about Apple)) at Apple. I was just about to install the latest beta of the iPhone 3.0 SDK, when I ran out of disk space. What to do ? -  I could get up from the couch and find an external hard disk, but that one was also stuffed... I think... Well I didn't bother to check, instead I chose a random ((Well not completely random, I chose a folder that I knew hadn't changed in the last couple of days - i.e. I knew it was backed up properly!)) folder in my home directory that weighed in at just under 3 GiB. I then went on to install the SDK. After the installation I deleted the SDK disk image, and then "Entered the Time Machine" and restored the folder. Quite useful! - So if I one day need a lot of storage, and I am far from home,  I'll just delete ((Please don't delete just any random folder, pick one you know hasn't changed since the last time Time Machine backed up your hard disk)) my iTunes music folder and restore it when I get home.