DataCase vs. Files

Posted on Wed, 06 Aug 2008 in Technology

imageimage One thing I really miss from my jail broken 1. generation iPhone is "file storage". The ability to bring important files with you where ever you go. Fortunately there are now at least a couple of apps in the App Store, or on its way to the App Store that solves this problem. The two main contestants are Files and DataCase So which one should I choose ?


Files is already available in the App Store, and looks real nice. It supports WebDAV and viewing of most common file types. Best part its only $7.99.


DataCase has been submitted to the App Store but has not yet been reviewed by Apple. It supports AFP with Bonjour, FTP and HTTP for browsing and downloading. It also supports viewing od most common file types. DataCase also supports "Volumes", where you can setup up to 16 different drives all with different access rules. DataCase looks most promising because it supports native AFP and FTP for legacy clients. None of them mentions any thing about secure connections which would be a nice feature to have on a mobile device that will connect to at multitude of different networks some of which might not be as safe and clean as your local network at home. For now I'll wait for DataCase to appear in the AppStore and then do the comparison again.