David Jack Wange Olrik

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Tivoli, Not Quite Up to Speed...

One should think that Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park in the world, would be up to speed technology wise, but when it comes to handling tickets they are still some what in the dark ages. I hold a season-pass to Tivoli and last thursday, the day before this seasons grand opening, season-pas-holders were invited to a “Sneak-preview” for the mere sum of 50 DKK all rides included. Quite a bargin. The “preview-ticket” could be bought online(with a maximum of one ticket per “season-pass”) and printed out at home. But if you botch this, you are screwed… My browser died, so no ticket for me. No problem I thought, they sent me an email that said “Click here to print out ticket”, but alas no link was included in the email. I called their support hotline, which was very friendly, and they would see to that my ticket would be printed and left at the ticket office for me to pick up - no problem! But after waiting in line for an obscure amount of time my ticket could not be found. So I found the confirmation email on my cellphone, and finally they gave up trying to get their one computer to verify my missing ticket and just let us in. If they had just assoiated my ticket purchase with my season-pass there would be no need for paper tickets, no stressed out ticket clerks(we were not the only ones with this problem) and no unhappy customers. But I guess this would be too high-tech for an old amusementpark like Tivoli