David Jack Wange Olrik

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Tivoli, Hidden Gems...

Last thursday my “girlfriend”:http://mamatux.dk/ and I went to “Tivoli”:http://www.tivoligardens.com/ without the kids to try all the cool rides. After just two hours we had tried all the rides twice, and to be honest “Tivoli”:http://www.tivoligardens.com/ is a lot more fun when we bring the kids. !{float: right;}/files/tivoli_dragon.png! I did find one sweet ride, that I had never tried before. Tugged away in the far east corner behind the “Demon” and the “Golden Tower” lies the “Dragon”, which I now think is _the_ coolest ride in “Tivoli”:http://www.tivoligardens.com/. It is a “carousel”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carousel where each car moves around all 3 axis in a completly random pattern - 360° of fun! I have been to “Tivoli”:http://www.tivoligardens.com/ millions of times and I can’t believe that I have missed this sweet ride… Go try it out!