The Phonebook is dead

Posted on Thu, 09 Sep 2010 in Scammers

De Gule Hustlers The phonebook is dead! I know this for a fact because the tactics they use to get new paying customers are lies and deceit and this is exactly what happened to me.

August 5.

I get a call from Trine Jensen from De Gule Sider. The first thing I say is:

I don't want to buy anything

She then tells me that as a new thing they now also list companies web addresses and asks me for my company web address which I then tell her is Note that I specifically stated that I didn't want to buy anything nor did I agree to anything.

August 7.

I receive an order confirmation for a company listing on De Gule Sider. WTF! First line on the order confirmation reads:

As agreed on the phone I here by send you an overview of your adds...

I didn't agree to anything, so WTF? Further more it states that

If we don't hear from you within 8 days, we'll consider the advertising agreement as approved

This is the the way hustlers work, they figure that a small invoice like this one will just slip through and not get noticed before it is too late. - Congratulations you just got your company listed with url in a paper1 phonebook and on a site no-one will ever use to find a company like mine. If people want to find my company by name, they'll typically use google.2

August 17.

I finally get the time3 to call De Gule Sider4, I get transferred to Trine Jensen who at first plays hardball and tries to convince me that it is too late and that the 8 days had passed already5 and that I have to pay. I didn't agree to anything and wasn't informed that I had to pay to have my company url listed, a service I neither need nor want. I can't see why an arbitrary 8 day response time even applies to me since I didn't agree to anything! I insist that I'm right, she talks to a supervisor and she finally agrees to send med a cancelation of the order.

September 8.

I receive an invoice for DKK 1.118,75 — I'm now truly pissed! 6

So now I have to waste even more time7 wrestling with De Gule Sider, damn scammers... Fortunately the ombudsman has already made a statement that says that De Gule Sider have to prove that an agreement was made, which they can't do since I didn't agree to anything either verbally nor in writing.

  1. Stop killing trees! Nobody want your damn analogue phonebook anymore. 

  2. Which will find it as the first hit - can't get any easier than that. 

  3. Yes I could have called them sooner, but why should I have to? I didn't agree to anything and didn't order any services from them. 

  4. This is the 8th business day since the first call 

  5. Which it had if you also count the weekends. 

  6. As if I wasn't pissed off before... 

  7. Time I just might end up invoicing to De Gule Sider