Americans: Welcome to The Future!

Posted on Fri, 25 Sep 2009 in Nostalgia

AT&TWelcome to The Future and congratulations on finally getting MMS on the iPhone. I really don't get what all the fuss is about - I first used MMS way back in 2000 ((This is the year The Future stated, as can be seen in any movie about the future - it's always in the year 2000-something.)) or 2001 ((It might have been earlier, but my memory is a bit fuzzy there...)) and haven't really used it since. Just to sum it up for those who don't know what MMS is:

MMS gives you the ability to send an image from one phone to another, just like email except that it is a vastly inferior and limited version of email.

I can access my email from any where, on the web, on my phone even on my television set, so why would I want to send a snapshot to someone in a crappy resolution that is constrained to just one single device? MMS even gives the carriers one more thing they can charge you for, postponing the moment where each carrier ((There are some carriers that have realized this, but they are few and far apart)) realizes that they are just "the pipe". Enough ranting - Enjoy your new toy, I predict that you will use it once or twice and then forget all about it...