Wordpress migration

Posted on Tue, 10 Mar 2009 in Personal

Wordpress Just over a month ago I began contemplating a move from Movable Type to Wordpress, and for the last 14 days or so I have been running my blog on Wordpress. I must say that the experience have been very nice so far. Back in the day, when Movable Type was free, that was my blogging platform of choice. When Six Apart went the non-free way, I rolled my own, I used Blogger and Typo and I was mostly happy. For a long time I stayed away from Wordpress because I thought it sucked and more importantly because it was writen in PHP ((I don't particularly like PHP, buy hey 10 million n00bes can't possibly be wrong)) which truly does suck. On December 10th, 2008, Wordpress Version 2.7 was released, and this version puts all previous versions of Wordpress to shame. This is really a great release and almost makes PHP look sexy ((I said almost!)). Wordpress has matured into a very powerful blogging platform which has an abundance of plugins ((I went nuts, and are currently using no less than 36 plugins)). I think that Movable Type lost its momentum when Six Apart released Movable Type 3.0, with its new pricing scheme, and this inturn let Wordpress take over. I have found Wordpress plugins for all but one Movable Type feature, and that is "multiple blogs in one installation". I have also found several plugins that I can't imagine living without now. I exported my Movable Type blog with tags and categories and used the supplied importer and a little custom perl script to fix-up the export before import. Piece of cake! ((If you see some funky looking links, then maybe it wasn't totally a piece of cake...)).