I see stupid people...

Posted on Sun, 10 Aug 2008 in Technology

imageNormally I don't go around and call people stupid, after all Stupid is as stupid does. But I am getting increasingly annoyed over silly one star ratings in the App Store. Lets point some fingers and look at an example. Here is a "user" with only one and two star ratings. "mcd's" longest rant is about OmniFocus in which he complains about the following: 1. Lost all data when updating. He did see the warning but ignored it as he believed it to be a sales trick for the desktop version of OmniFocus. 2. It's too expensive. 3. Graphics not up to Apple Inc. standards. 4. The app is a bit slow

He then goes on saying its the best and most functional to-do app in the App Store - And gives it a *one* star rating - WTF? When updating your iPhone and you do not backup your stuff via iTunes first, and you are *explicitly* warned about a bug that might cause loss of data, and are given an extra way to backup your data, and the proceed with the update ignoring all advice and common sense - then you can only blame yourself for loosing your data. OmniFocus costs about the same as two large pizzas and will make you more organized and let you get things done while freeing your mind for more important stuff - is that really too expensive ? Does it really warrant a one star rating ? OmniFocus also won an Apple Design Award for best iPhone Productivity Application - so how mcd can state that OmniFocus "does not live up to Apple Inc. standards" is a mystery to me. As for the slowness, most apps including Apple's own was a bit on the sluggish side on 2.0.0, but Apple's recent 2.0.1 firmware brings back the snappiness we've come to expect from the first generation iPhone. If you look at "mcd's" other ratings, one has been given to an app he didn't even try - "It required registration, so it must be bad". Another was rated two stars because of "boring colors". Unfortunately "mcd" is not alone, the App Store is littered with one and two star ratings that say noting about the actual functionality of the application but more about the reviewers being cheap and without clue. Why can't people just rate the functionality of the application ? Then I could decide for my self if I find an App to be too expensive, looks boring and what not.