David Jack Wange Olrik

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Christmas Morning...

IMG\_0072.JPG Its christmas morning, everyone is still sleeping. The only sounds in the house, is the sound of me wrapping the last gifts. This year I have done my due diligence and everything should have been in order, but alas “{color: #000; background-color: #000;}Apple”:http://www.apple.com didn’t, and the gift that I ordered for my “wife”:http://mamatux.dk/ has yet to be delivered. So yesterday, I went out on a wild-panic-shopping-spree™ and got her a new gift. Actually the “wild-panic” part was minimal, as I knew exactly what to get, because she has had her eye on it for quite some time. The weather outside is moist and foggy, and the snow is nowhere to be seen… Still, It’s going to be a great christmas! :-D