TextMate & Remote editing

Posted on Fri, 09 Feb 2007 in Technology

I really like TextMate but it one serious flaw: When editing a "large" project on a remote volume, saving and switching to and from TextMate is extremely slow due to the fact that TextMate is constantly looking for updates in the file system.

So even super cool apps such as MacFuse that allows you to mount remote directories over ssh is not an option with TextMate once your project grows to a certain size.1

The reason I like TextMate so much is because of its "bundle-system"! Bundles allows you to customize TextMate and make it do whatever you want, and there are tons of bundles out there.

Now there is even a rsync-ssh bundle, which I wrote, that overcomes this shortcoming while we wait for TextMate 2.0.

  1. I.e. Has more than one file