September 11. - What a glorious day

Posted on Sun, 10 Sep 2006 in Personal

I know what you must be thinking: "How can you say a thing like that?", but please forget about the terrorists for a moment and let me enlighten you... On this September 11. I became a father to Sebastian, the cutes little boy. September 10. started out as any given sunday, we were relaxing at home after a busy week. Around 17:00 my girlfriend started having contractions, and about 19:30 we left for the hospital - it was all very zen like, no stress, no worries. As the contractions grew in strength, our unborn sons heartrate dropped dangerously low for each contraction, and at 00:05 all hell broke loose... Doctors and nurses came running from all coners of the maternatity ward - Sebastian needed to get out now! In little under 15 minutes an emergency caesarean section was performed - Sebastian had managed to wrap the umbilical cord 3 times around his neck, and tied a true knot on it. On September 11. at 00:27 Sebastian was delivered into this world, alive and well, with 2 perfect 10's on the Apgar score. Child, Mother and Father are all well. What a glorious day!