The Da vinci Junkie

Posted on Wed, 08 Mar 2006 in Books

I know this cute girl, who thinks she might be mainstream , actually I live with her, and I would definitely say no. Recently she picked up The Da vinci Code , and she haven't been able to put it down until she finished it yesterday evening. Every free moment, every time of the day she just had to read a couple of pages... I remember seeing a BBC TV documentary on Discovery channel a couple of years ago, before the book came out. I then found it an interesting story - but I totally dismissed the book when it came out, thinking its just a copy with some lame murders thrown in for the fun of it. Hmm... guess I have to read it too - It must be good, and now she has made me too curious not to read it. Hope it doesn't make me mainstream too... but at least I'll know what all the fuss is about.